we will never be the same

the song 'glory of it all' by david crowder* band:

"the glory of it all is You are here with redemption for us all ... everything will change, things will never be the same, we will never be the same"

God's glory and only Son came down to earth to die for our sins. That should change everything in our lives greatly. It's absurd the way I've been thinking lately. May God change my heart quickly and according to His great and glorious will.

shrewd innocence?

the sitename for this blog came from a picture I saw that had a snake and dove drawn in pencil, and theres a banner that says:
"wise as serpents innocent as doves"
and that is something Jesus called His disciples to be in Matthew 10. I found the word shrewd in a different translation. I love it because it's hard to be both of those at the same time while witnessing. It's very easy to be innocent when it comes to witnessing; being shrewd is harder for us because it doesn't seem like a very winning strategy. But, earlier in the passage, Jesus told them to go witness to the lost sheep of Israel, not just the Gentiles. He wanted them to be shrewd and innocent, strategic in witnessing and above reproach.

so yeah i just wanted to explain the whole "shrewd innocence" thing.