i've got new friends

and I need prayer, because I want to be a good witness to them.

i've never really had nonchristian friends so this is a cool opportunity for me.

i just pray that God will use me in it to be a light in this dark world to them and all the people i meet while i'm hanging out with them.


yup. i did it!

i no longer work at target.

está bien. God opened up the school opportunity again :]

pues, ya regreso yo a mi blog

como te sientes?

no puedo dormir y ya levanta el sol.

acabo de salir de mi trabajo y pienso que voy a dejar eso ya.

la escuela en que yo trabaje como un 'crossing guard' me llamó ayer y ellos quieren que regrese yo.

pienso que es lo que quiero hacer.

otra vez, mi vida está en las manos de Dios (jer. 29:11), es un lugar mejor que mis manos.

ora a Dios para mí, gracias :]

(how are you?

i can't sleep and the sun's already coming up.

i just left work and I think I'm gonna leave that job already.

the school I worked at like a 'crossing guard' called me yesterday and they want me to come back.

i think that's what i want to do.

once again, my life is in God's hands (jer. 29:11), and that's a much better place than my hands.

pray for me, thanks :] )


whoa its never been so long

well here i am again with another post...

about a month and 2 weeks later. hahaha

everything is going well, my family situation is nice, work is fine, and school just started.

church is amazing. i now understand the concept of working on saturday nights and not going to sleep on sunday mornings because that just causes me to sleep straight through church.

my mom and i moved into my granparents house this past week. living there is nice. my granparents love me to death, and vice versa. its gonna be good. i know it.

"God is great! He's the one who gave all this to me,
and He's certainly the one who can take it all away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Job said that.